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          At Olympic Medal Pools Our professional and knowledgable Technicians will always respond in a timely manner and provide our customers with the most useful advice concerning your pool.  All of our technicians are CPO certified.  We Pride ourselves on customer service and treat everyone like a member of the family

At Olympic Medal Pools we strive to give our customers the Gold Medal result and provide the most sanitary environment for all families

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          All of our new clients receive the second month FREE after the first month of paid service!

Licensed & Insured

       Olympic Medal Pools is 100% insured so our customers never need to worry about anything in the backyard or any damages done to the pool.  It would become our number one priority to fix any mistakes made.  Every single one of our technicians has been back ground checked and drug tested to ensure a drug free enviorment and to keep all of the homeowners in peace of mind when allowing them to come in their backyard to give the pool the Gold Medal result!

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Here at Olympic Medal Pools we pride ourselves on having the utmost Respect for every person and backyard we come in contact with.  Our Ethics are positive and we will always alert our customers if something happens or we need to speak. Every time you speak to our owner Loren or any of the other technicians, you will never have to second guess what they say.  It's a written rule here at Olympic Medal Pools to be Honest to all of our customers no matter what the circumstance.  We pride ourselves on Integrity.  When we step into that backyard, we are going to get the job done that All of our customers are paying for no matter who's watching.  It's an elementary knowledge that too many companies overlook. 
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